La Lucia Ridge – Aluminium slatted charcoal garage doors

“Thank you very much. Excellent work. Well done. Thank you for meeting the deadline. It is excellent and I really really am impressed. Josh insured, from the word go, that he followed through with the quote. Excellent communication skills. I really do appreciate it. My boss is happy so I am happy!” – Humera, Ethekwini Cold Stores.

Our qualified garage door technician recently installed two custom-sized, charcoal, aluminium garage doors with ARC 1200 motors. The exceptional quality and affordability made the ARC domestic motor the obvious choice for this installation. These motors have sturdy safety features as well as a courtesy light to insure safe entrance into the garage. They also have a high capacity 24V battery backup available so that load shedding worries become a thing of the past.

Because of limited headroom at the top of the garage door opening, our technician skilfully fit a pair of low headroom brackets on the top panel of the garage door. Low headroom brackets are the perfect solution, because they allow more space above the open garage door and also allow the vertical tracks to be cut down, thus allowing more room above the springs for the installation of the garage door motor.

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