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Audio and Video

We provide a range of Audio, Video and GSM Communications systems.

Commax Communications

COMMAX Intercoms.

COMMAX 1:1 and 1:2 Intercom Kits

Product Description

  • Perfect for the domestic home or reception area of an office
  • This system can be expanded by adding an additional handset which allows for intercommunication.
  • Electric door release button.

Commax Communications

COMMAX Video Intercom.

The JO Series features a large 7-inch screen monitor for clear visitor identification and easy operation control.
The JO Series can be installed at 1 door location and connected to 2 inside locations.


  • 7-inch wide screen
  • Hands-free communication
  • Backlight compensation by screen brightness control button
  • Visual monitoring with audio is available
  • Full color video in low light situations (even at night) without external illumination
  • White LED illumination turns on in low-light conditions
  • Vandal resistant video door station


Airphone 1:1 and 1:2 Kits are ideal for the domestic home.

Communications Aiphone Communications AiphoneCommunications AiphoneCommunications Aiphone
Communications Aiphone

JM Series

  • 7” touch screen panel
  • Hands-free (VOX) or handset communication
  • Camera position and zoom can be set for call-in
  • Includes two N/O door release contacts (add RY-3DL for 3~4 doors)
  • High resolution color TFT LCD screen
  • Camera can be adjusted to compensate for bright illumination
  • Picture memory records up to 20 calls to internal memory and max. 1,000 calls to removable SD / SDHC card (not included)
  • Entry can be monitored without alerting visitors they are being viewed, even at night
  • 1 output to control a secondary device like a light, gate, or additional door
  • Video out to DVR via supplied connector
  • Digital PanTilt and Zoom camera eliminates blind spots with 170° wide angle lens (audio / video door stations)
  • Card and keypad access door stations available
  • Homerun or daisy chain wiring options (see installation manual for details)
  • 4 door stations and up to 8 inside locations!

Communications BPT


BPT Targha Range
The Targha system can be used in 1x1 format and can be extended up to 200 units, it is ideal for complexes and apartments.

Communications BPT

The entry panel from BPT merges the utmost modularity and functionality with the most advanced aesthetic values contemporary design has to offer. Just a few codes is all it takes to find the right solution for any need. Easy to install, Targha is particularly suitable wherever leaving the existing structures untouched is of paramount importance.

Made from anodized aluminium, it blends in effortlessly with the style of any building. Entry panels are connected together with a flat-cable connection.

Unbeatable performance in the smallest package: with the digital push button panel, even building complexes with a large number of users are no longer a problem. The digital entry panel can handle up to 100 users.

Communications Polo Phone

Polo Intercoms

The POLO phone is a uniquely styled intercom system that offers outstanding features, state of the art design and excellent value for money.

The expandability of the POLO phone is quite exceptional. From a basic one-to-one kit for the average home, simply add components to the system to expand it into an ideal system for larger houses or small office installations. POLO phone can accommodate up to four handsets with a single entry panel or three handsets with two entry panels. Adding to its versatility you can intercommunicate between two groups of handsets in the system.

The POLO phone intercom system could not be simpler to install, using a two wire bus throughout. Connect entry panels and phones to any point on this bus and the system is up and running. Added to this, the system only requires a low current 12V DC power supply. It can be connected to the battery of a CENTURION gate motor for power failure protection.

From each handset, the gate motor, or door lock adjacent to the entry panel, can be operated. An auxiliary pushbutton is also provided for activating a secondary function such as the pedestrian-opening on the gate motor. In addition, the gate motor status feedback signal can be wired to the built-in indicator LED located in the cradle of each handset

Communications GSM


GSM communications (communications via a sim card)

MK 11 Combs Communication GSM Intercom

Functions and specifications

  • First in the world to have an embedded SIM chip in an intercom Sim card theft solution, the MKIII does not need a SIM card to run, but can supply one if you want your own service provider, eg Vodacom
  • Built in operation of anti tamper hardware.
  • Improved speed, performance, reliability and design
  • Use less than 1W of power (That’s less than R10 per year in electricity fees).
  • Resident's telephone numbers can be changed over the Internet
  • Remote control integration and management compatible with Centurion remote system (additional costs may be incurred)
  • Pin code entry
  • Bulk SMS to complex residential units
  • Bulk e-mail to complex residential units
  • Able to open multiple gates
  • Allows for visitor departure control (Free exit facility)
  • Comes standard with battery backup
  • Ability to communicate with the guard
  • Low running cost
  • Little to no maintenance cost
  • Individual unit reporting – phone bill and gate openings
  • Both successful and attempted gate openings are reported
  • Unlimited access control of residents via Centurion Nova remotes and pin code entry system
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor environment weatherproof enclosed and UV resistant
  • Time based access control

Communications GSM


G-Speak is ideal for the domestic home, is give you communication from the doorstation to 3 cell phones, you can access the gate using the cell phone.

Functions and specifications

  • The G-SPEAK cellular intercom system is ideal for people on the move. Utilising your mobile phone as a handset, you can answer your intercom, and open your gate, from just about anywhere with a 2G GSM network. Lengthy, expensive cable runs are a thing of the past.
    The G-SPEAK Classic is the perfect access control solution for the home.
  • Wireless convenience
    You know how people are always saying 'less is more'? Well, when it comes to wiring, we believe that less is less: less money, less time and less effort, that is! With the G-SPEAK GSM-based intercom system, your mobile phone acts as the intercom handset so there is no need for expensive cable runs back to the house.
  • Up the security ante
    With the G-SPEAK system, you can answer your intercom from anywhere in the world with a 2G GSM network, giving the appearance that you are always home. This greatly enhances security and acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders. In addition, only learned-in, authorised phones are able to access the system.
  • Open your gate from anywhere
    The G-SPEAK Classic offers up to 10 users the ability to open an entrance gate from anywhere in the world via a free 'Missed call'. You don't need to compromise the security of your home by giving your garden service or repairmen keys or remotes, you can give them access even if you're chilling on a beach in the Bahamas! You are firmly at the controls.
  • Your voice will be heard!
    And so will the voices of your visitors! G-SPEAK delivers crystal-clear speech quality thanks to state-of-the-art GSM audio technology.
  • Weatherproof enclosure for greater reliability
    The G-SPEAK Calling Module boasts an impressive IP55 rating, making it perfect for outdoor use. Mother Nature keeps on knocking but she can't come in - a tough-as-nails ABS plastic housing makes sure of that.
  • Compact design
    The combination of your intercom and your gate forms a welcoming committee for visitors, so you want to be sure that it looks good. The G-SPEAK Calling Module has an attractive, compact design making for an aesthetically-pleasing installation. A white LED backlight makes for beautiful low-light visibility of the Calling Module.