Steep driveway and a sliding gate with a raised track.

Because of the way the existing installation was previously done, the gate was not able to open completely, due to its weight and the lack of support to the track it slides on.

Our solution was to install galvanised supports under the raised track to enable it to support the weight of the entire gate, thus allowing the gate to be opened completely and thus not cause any obstruction to the driveway.

We replaced the  Centurion A10 motor, with a new Centurion D10 motor attached securely to a neatly built concrete base as the previous metal base had rusted.

We opted for the D10 industrial sliding gate motor because of its quick and powerful design, which makes it perfect for moving such a heavy industrial gate.

To complete the installation, we installed two sets of wireless safety beams that will prevent any collisions with vehicles entering or exiting the property.

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