Manual Booms /
MANUAL Road Barriers

We manufacture, supply and install manual security booms/ road barriers for all entrances. Manual booms or road barriers, as they are also referred to, are the ideal option to controlling access to the entrance of any area. Ideal for road closures, industrial and commercial, check points and any supervised access control.

These manual boom gates are designated to withstand coastal conditions, to be robust and user friendly. The manual boom is lockable in the open and closed position. The round aluminium pole is powder coated white with red reflective tape. The manual boom is spring-loaded, and the boom tension is easily adjustable.


M/4 and M/6 are manufactured using 3cr12 and galvanized exterior products. The booms are designed to endure coastal conditions. The M4 or M6 manual boom is suitable for any commercial or industrial property

Lockable in the open and closed position.
Boom tension is easily adjustable.
This product is designed to be robust and user-friendly.
We offer a 1-year off-site guarantee on components and workmanship.
The 25 mm bearing blocks provide very smooth operation and has a 100 % duty cycle.

  • King Shaka Airport – La Mercy
  • Durban Country Club
  • Riverglades
  • Spar Glenore Shopping Centre
  • Ethekwini Heart Hospital
  • Rossburgh Bus Depot
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Fairways Motors
  • St Augustines Hospital
  • Kia Springfield
  • MSC Shipping
  • Bidvest
  • Eastmans Spar

Bearing size: 25.4 mm bearing block
Frame: 180 x 150 mm –2.5mm 3cr12.
Boom height: 950mm
Weight: 35 Kg + boom pole
Colour: Red
Base: 5mm 3Cr12
Pole: 76mm round Aluminium – powder coated white with reflective stickers
Catch post: 50mm galvanized.

Catch post: mandatory for pole > 4m.
Concrete base required (4m): 750 x 750 x 350 concrete base.
Concrete base required (6m): 750 x 750 x 450 concrete base.

The base needs to be bolted down using 4 x M10 raw bolts.

Dry time of 4 days for concrete base. (The person fitting the boom needs to assess the concrete before drilling). Alternative mounting procedure – see below.

The boom has a mounting base the can be cast on-site with concrete and can be bolted down in two days. Additional costs apply. For more information contact our offices on +27 (0)31 563 3481.

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