Roadway Spikes

We supply and install automatic roadway spikes for all entrance and exit situations.

Roadway Spikes

CLAWS Surface Mount models – For installations that are mounted above the roadway surface.
CLAWS Flush Mount models – For installations that are flush with the roadway surface.

Both the flush mount and surface mount models are available in either Direct Drive which utilises the SECTOR’s drive mechanism, or Independent Drive models which have their own drive mechanisms

  • Modular construction allows for components to be transported and installed with ease
  • Adds high security to traffic barrier access controlled entrances and exits
  • Robust construction built to withstand impacts from vehicles
  • High speed operation*
  • High torque DC motor
  • Selectable High Security or Safety Modes
  • Reliable battery backup Easy to maintain
  • High visibility, yellow colour
  • Either flush or surface mounted models to choose from
  • Indirect drive models can operate independently of traffic barrier units

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