Dace Ultima RT25/50

Residential sliding gate motor.

Dace Ultima RT25/50


  • Max Gate Mass: 500kg
  • Max speed: 55m/min
  • Supply: 230V AC Input / 22V AC output transformer
  • Battery supply: 12V/24V up to 9Ah
  • Operations per day: 150 (gate mass and battery dependant)
  • USB interface: Used for controller back-up, upgrading and diagnostics
  • Collision detection: Current, Motion and Supply sensing
  • Inputs: Infrared Open, Infrared Close, Lock, Pedestrian, Trigger, Courtesy Light and Tamper
  • Outputs: Light, Lock, Alarm, Pulse, Status, Motor, USB and WiFi

Product features:

  • Onboard full graphics display.
  • Multiple modes of operation.
  • On board diagnostics.
  • Pedestrian, trigger and loop inputs.
  • Auto close.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Digital thermal protection.

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