Gate Accessories


We supply most types of remote controls for automatic electric gates (sliding and swing gates), electric garage doors, automated bollards and parking barriers. All our remotes are easy to program and come with full instructions.

Remote controls offer secure rolling code technology; each time you trigger your remote a new and randomly selected code is transmitted – thus making it impossible for undesirables to duplicate the code on your remote and operate your gate. Transmission range is up to 100m dependent on the area in which they are used. The remotes are available in various configuration options having up to 6 buttons.


Access Control keypads are used in various environments such as offices and pedestrian gates to limit access to certain areas. Keypads can be used for stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller. Keypad Users enter a unique 4-5 digit PIN (personal identification number) to gain entry.

Intercom models combine the keypad with an intercom substation that can be used with intercom systems (see our Communications section for more) We carry a range of Access Keypads and can also source a wider range as required to meet your access control needs.


Add smartphone access to your gates and garages with the mygateremote Wi-Fi device. Control your gate or garage with the easy to use Apple iOS or Android app. The device uses a very small amount of data and your Home or Office Wi-Fi to connect to its cloud server.

You do not have to be connected to your Wi-Fi on your smartphone in order to open your gate or garage, as long as it has access to the internet. Add family, friends, staff that they can open the gate or create access Tokens. Control access to these users at any time or remove their ability to create access tokens. Access Tokens are unique numbers that allow temporary and defined access to your gate or garage.

Specify the date range, day of the week, time range during the day, or a maximum number of times it can be used. Full history of usage, date and time available. Export this information to a spreadsheet if required.

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