Gate Locking systems

Gate & Door Control (GDC) offers a range of gate locking systems to ensure that your access points are secure.

swing gate locking systems

Cisa Elettrika electric Secure Locks for Metal Gates – Perfectly suited to locking swing gates together.

The Cisa Elettrica has a floating locking pin which allow for expansion of gates and sagging in the event of the hinges deteriorating. This is why we prefer using the Cisa Elettrika lock

Innovative locking system, with a ‘rotary hook deadbolt’. Pull resistance of up to 2000 kg. Excellent vibration resistance and impact strength (patented system) Protective steel case totally enclosing the lock and striker. Elettrika is non handed (patented system) and with a variable backset from 50 to 80 mm (patented system). Elettrika is fitted with a new type of self-adjusting ‘swinging rod’ striker, active both vertically and horizontally (patented system). The rotary hook deadbolt of Elettrika can be operated in two different modes (patented system). Automatic opening: the door is set open by the deadbolt rotation. Ready to open: the deadbolt is withdrawn but the door remains in closing position. Elettrika is interchangeable with all the types of lock available in the market. The innovative reloading system ensures silent opening and closing operation. The gate rebound effect is reduced. the hold open device (when selected) allows to block the lock in its open position. Rated voltage 12vAC (3 amp). Weld-on Back plate Included.
The Elettrika lock has the option of using DC power module if the customer requires the lock to be on battery backup, this is not required on all gate motor.
Perfectly suited to locking swing gates together.

Sliding Gate Security Systems

“Anti- gate- jacker” : prevent your sliding gate being forced off the rail with an anti-gate-jacker. The gate bolts itself in place when closed.

Motor anti- theft brackets:
Although it is extremely difficult to completely safeguard one’s gate motor against theft and vandalism, there are a number of very effective ways of ensuring that the operator is as secure as possible.
Your first line of defence against criminals potentially stealing or damaging your gate motor, is fitting a theft-resistant cage.

There are quite a few different theft-resistant cages on the market, all offering varying degrees of security, but it is important to note that some of these are merely cheap imitations of the genuine article and will do precious little to ensure that your operator is not absconded with. Always make sure that you purchase your theft-resistant cage from a reputable manufacturer of gate automation equipment, as doing so will put you at a considerable advantage by ensuring it is the genuine article and has been built correctly. An additional requirement is to fit the bracket with an insurance-rated padlock which will make the enclosure considerably more difficult to prise open.

Pedestrian Gate Locking Systems

ISEO Range:

  • Powder-coated finish.
  • 12V – 15W AC/DC
  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Backset: 60mm

Magnetic Locks

The perfect solution for aluminum office doors, they really work well in an office environment. They are powered with DC power and therefore have no problem coping with power outages. They are linked easily to all types of access control and can be use when interlinking doors (avoiding both doors been opened together).

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