Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

Domestic and commercial driveway gates

Are you looking for custom made driveway gates? GDC manufactures gates to create beautiful entrances.

Both Balau wood and wrought iron can be used to manufacture domestic driveway gates for all types of properties. Balau is a very hard, durable and weather-resistant wood – ideal for our climate. It is not a laminated wood, which prevents rotting and decay and is able to be stained, therefore allowing various colour choices.

Specialising in entrance solutions for gated estates and business parks.

We create custom solutions for securing your entrance, thereby securing your client’s peace of mind. There are many options to ensure that the access to your property is controlled and we cover all those bases.

Amongst these are an automatedcommercial gate, manufactured from wood, galvanised steel or clear view panels. A GSM intercom system allows for easy access and trouble-free communication.

All our wrought iron and wooden gates are manufactured in our factory in Durban. All our welding is done to the highest quality standards, ensuring you of a durable product. We invite all our clients to our factory to inspect our premises and the manufacture of their gates to ensure peace of mind. All our gates are galvanised for a long-lasting product.

Gate & Door Control does the difficult things well and ensures that the site runs without complications. We offer after sales service and maintenance on all our installations. Service level agreements are available to ensure that your equipment is serviced regularly and is always functioning optimally.

Our commitment is to arrive on time and get the job done right the first time.

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