Electric Fence Installation & Repairs

Installing an electric fence is an easy and cost-effective way to deter, detect or delay intruders from entering your property. An electrified fence installation with a high voltage shock will discourage unwanted intruders and give you added security. If by any chance the fence is being tampered with, the energizer will also sound an alarm and you will instantly be notified.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with electrical fence products. We also have experience with different types of electric fence applications, and you can count on Gate & Door Control for professional electric fence installation or the repair of your electric fence. Our team also specializes in installation of both wall top and freestanding electric fencing.

Nearby radio and television reception could potentially pick up electromagnetic interference, due to poorly designed or badly maintained electric fences. We offer maintenance services on your existing electrified fencing and we can also repair fences in cases where they have been damaged.

electric fence


Clients who are property owners and want to sell their property will need a “COC” before doing so. With new regulations, it is essential that you have a COC (certificate of compliance) to ensure that your electrified fence is installed correctly.

GDC is a certified installer and will, therefore be able to assist you should you need a COC (certificate of compliance) for a speedy transfer of the property.

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