Our workshop has the capacity to manufacture and install any sized clear view, Cantilever, wooden or steel gates. See a selection of our gates for factories and industrial premises below.

Cantilever Gate Systems

Cantilever gate systems are designed for applications where sliding gates are required, but the installation of a ground track is not wanted or not possible.

It is suitable for commercial entrances, Cargo depots, Airports, railway shunting yards, heavy industrial and commercial entrances and any application where a bottom rail cannot be installed.


Design Features:
  • A Cantilever gate system is designed to operate without bottom rollers on gate.
  • A Cantilever gate opens and closes while suspended.
  • Gate suspended by means of a cantilever system.
  • Designed for high security and durability.
  • Custom designed as per client requirements.

The gate is designed to open and close by running in the air. The gate support tower and cantilever support frame is designed to ensure smooth and effortless operation every time. The gate is not affected by the condition of the road surface that it is closing over, like curbs or falls for drainage. The gate can close over a railway track.

A perfect example of the application is at The Gold Coast Estate on the North Coast, where we installed a cantilever gate system at the main entrance to the estate. See photos on our Recent Projects page.

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