BPT Targha Range

The Targha system can be used in 1×1 format and can be extended up to 200 units, it is ideal for complexes and apartments.

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BPT Targha Range

The entry panel from BPT merges the utmost modularity and functionality with the most advanced aesthetic values contemporary design has to offer. Just a few codes is all it takes to find the right solution for any need. Easy to install, Targha is particularly suitable wherever leaving the existing structures untouched is of paramount importance.

Made from anodized aluminium, it blends in effortlessly with the style of any building. Entry panels are connected together with a flat-cable connection.

Unbeatable performance in the smallest package: with the digital push button panel, even building complexes with a large number of users are no longer a problem. The digital entry panel can handle up to 100 users.

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