Umdloti – Aluminium slatted black garage doors

Our experienced technicians installed 6 charcoal, alu-flute aluminium garage doors at a well-known development in Umdloti.

Due to the custom size of the doors, we had to install specially made fascia panels on each door to completely close the opening.

The aluminium garage doors were the ideal fit for this development, due to their modern, smooth finish and their outstanding strength and rigidity.

These doors are also perfect for the humid coastal conditions, due to their high rust resistance.

This is caused by the fact that they are manufactured from pure aluminium that is extruded into individual profile sections.

We opted to automate the garage doors with the Digi One sectional motor due to its reliability, affordability as well as its electronic obstacle sensing and manual override.

And for extra protection of the clients’ property inside the garage, we installed a double garage door floor seal at the opening of each garage door. 

This seal is made from a PVC that is 100% UV protected to ensure its longevity. It gets adhered onto the floor, with a special adhesive creating a strong bond, ensuring that wind, dust and rain is blocked from entering the garage.

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