Professional installation in Durban North

“Everything was absolutely so professional. It really was a pleasure dealing with you guys. Lauren kept us posted at all times.

Bradley Westbrook was so professional and it was just an absolute pleasure, that’s all.

I will definitely recommend you guys.” – Des Freeman

Our skilled Technical team have just installed this beautiful wooden driveway gate in Durban North.

This sliding gate was manufactured in our factory with an exposed, unpainted, galvanised frame to give the gate a classic touch.

The wooden infill was made from treated Balau wood slats that were stained a dark Imbuia colour, which also enhances the wood grain texture.

We also added an anti-gate jacker into the design in order to prevent the gate from being derailed.

The Centurion D5 Smart motor was the obvious choice to automate this sliding gate.

Because of its speedy opening time, dual battery system, and wireless user interface, this gate motor may look small, but it really packs a punch.

To further enhance the security of this entrance, we added an anti-theft bracket over the motor to stop any tampering from occurring.

For the perfect balance between beauty and security, call Gate & Door Control.

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