Renishaw Hills Estate – D20 Smart sliding gate motor

The D20 Smart is one Centurion’s newer motors and can move up to 2 tonnes.

The D20 Smart gate motor comes with two 12V batteries, it provides you with uninterrupted security, even during load shedding.

This motor has enhanced security like a built in vibration sensor that, when linked to an alarm, will alert you to any unwanted movement or tampering with your gate.

It can store up to 1500 individual remotes, which make it great for commercial and industrial areas where many people need to be able to enter and exit the property.

In order to assist with the support of the gate during its movement along the 30m track, we installed 2 portals with guide wheels that hug the gate and guide it gently along its path, thereby also minimising the potential rattling noise.

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