Wooden sliding driveway gate with inset pedestrian gate

La Lucia – Domestic driveway gate

The challenge of providing a driveway gate and gate automation for a steep driveway with a drop off and very limited space………

The customer requested a wooden, sliding driveway gate with a pedestrian gate inset for convenience. The gate he chose from our website has an exposed brown frame that blends in with the durable, insect and rot resistant balau wood which runs vertically.

We manufactured and installed a raised ground track that was strong enough to carry the weight of the 5.5m wooden, Balau, sliding gate without any problems. A solid concrete base was accurately positioned to strengthen the ground track and to accommodate the Centurion D5 Smart sliding gate motor. The gate motor has been secured with an anti-theft bracket.

The pedestrian gate inset into the main gate has a slide lock with the intercom mounted on to the galvanised steel post for easy access. Special extensions on the gate frame made it possible to extend the electric fence neatly across the top of the gate as an extra deterrent.

Wooden sliding gate with inset pedestrian gate

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